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A Naturally Calmer Horse & Rider


Does your horse need help to relax and calm down but you're

unhappy about feeding synthetic calmers?


Is your horse withdrawn, noisy in the stable, demanding or not respecting your space?


Are you nervous in the saddle or handling your horse?


Do you dread loading into a trailor, going to shows or visits from the vet or farrier?  


Do you constantly worry about your horse, your job, your confidence?



If so, you're in the right place! I'm Hayley and I can help both you and your horse to relax and be naturally calmer with reiki.


I also stock 100% natural herbal calmer and organic herbal supplement blends for your horse.



"Jerry had a lovely reiki treatment on Monday . Last night we went to Rodbaston which has been quite a tricky venue for us, he was very relaxed, well we both were" CL - (Staffordshire July 2016)



How can Reiki help your horse?


Horse problems that I've helped with:


~ Anxious loaders

~ Horses that aren't settling after a yard move

~ Horses showing signs of withdrawal following bereavement of a companion

~ Generally anxious horses

~ Generally unwell or injured horses

~ Horses on box rest or restricted grazing away from field buddies.

~ Abused/rescued horses

~ Broodmares (repeated foal separation)


Owners tell me that following equine reiki they notice their horses behaving in a calmer manner. My human clients inform me that Reiki treatment provides a great sense of peace and calm and that it can help with their sleep as well as dealing with emotional upsets and grief.


We can all benefit from taking time out to relax and equine reiki is a lovely way of contributing to your horses health and welfare. The treatments are a fantastic time for you to bond and owners are very much encouraged to be part of the treatment.  Equine Reiki is performed in person, I am based in Staffordshire and cover the surrounding areas, however all areas considered.



"Hi Hayley I am sure the treatment helped "J". She had her shoe back on and we have had two very nice hacks. I am keeping my fingers x'd that she stays sound now. I think it has helped me to be much calmer as well. So all good thanks" X - JM Derbyshire June 2016

























How can I help Riders and Owners?


Issues that I've assisted riders/owners with:


~ Generalised stress

~ Riding related stress/nerves

~ Poor self confidence

~ Poor ability to relax/switch off

~ Over criticising self

~ Relaxation Therapy may help with alleviating aches and pains.

~ Sleep issues.


Free consultations available! (Via Skype or Phone)


We will discuss your personal situation either in person or via phone/Skype and decide as a partnership on the best plan of action which may include:


~ Meditation and positive visualisation

~ Positive affirmations

~ Relaxation Therapy

~ Deep breathing exercises

~ Free website membership with support (coming soon)

~ Packages that include scheduled phone support in between sessions (coming soon)


Relaxation sessions can be performed via Skype or in person if based in Staffordshire.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Treatment is safe, gentle and does not interfere with medical/veterinary care.



07547 831578








































































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